terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

A cold sunny day

You’re like the sun,
Not only beautiful, you’re hot,
Keeps me alive and hopeful,
You cheer me up and keep me warm;
Even in autumn… The cozy weather
And the scenery highlights your charm.
When it’s summer, I love;
In spring, you rock my world.

You’re like the sun, but it’s winter.
Sometimes you’re heartless,
Sometimes I love every second
As if it was the last one.
But still, I feel in Siberia,
Where you’re cold and distant,
And I don’t know whether I should
Love you or Hate you.

I want you so deeply,
Guess I could reach Earth’s nucleus,
Still you don’t have a clue on it.

I try to let you know,
But you won’t let me,
So I’ve to swallow my feelings.

Now everything around me…
It’s all about you.
I wait for your answer,
Your presence,
My dreams,
Your kiss.