domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

Tentativa nº 1:

Creio ser essa minha primeira tentativa de poesia. Muitos erros de principiante e talvez não tão agradável de se ler, mas expressei (ou, ao menos, tentei) tudo que sentia no momento em que escrevi. Caso não conheçam minha vida pessoal, essa "poesia" refere-se à ansiedade de fim de ano, para um aluno de extensivo.

The joy of a living man

Strong emotions...
Heavy feelings...
Awkward situations...

I’m not sure of my destiny anymore!

Failures with compensations;
Good works with disgraces;
Uncertainties with anxiety…
What did I do to deserve that?!

An year full of expectations and conquers;
In which I try to understand its functioning.
Well I’ve heard life’s not that simple;
Though I insist on finding a reason for everything.

A questioning maybe won’t give me what I want;
Maybe time won’t heal this anxiety deep down;
But I know life’s great and beautiful;
So I can’t be let down by these feelings.

Things ought to get better and better;
Some call this ingenuously;
But I’d rather call it simply…

Pleasure for life